Frequently asked questions

Why haven't you delivered my shipment yet?

We do not deliver anything, we run the website track-trace for easy access to tracking. If you have questions regarding the delivery you must contact the shipper handling the shipment.

My shipment is stuck in customs. Can you help me get it released?

No, you must contact the shipper handling the shipment with this issue.

Can you tell me when my shipment will arrive?

No, we do not have access to other information than is in the tracking results.

My shipment has incorrect address information. Can you get it to the correct address?

We have nothing to do with the delivery of shipments. You must contact the shipper handling the shipment with this issue.

I have a shipment to send. Can you tell me how best to send it, how much it will cost and when it will arrive?

We don't have that kind of information. You must contact a shipping company.

Can you track the shipment for us and email or call us?

No, we offer this site as a tool that you can use for free. The site has a lot of users and it's just not possible for us to provide personal support to everybody.

My country offer post/EMS tracking, why is it not included in your service?

Most countries offer EMS and postal services but many do not offer tracking. If you know a country that offer tracking and is missing from our site let us know. But there is no point in asking us how to track for a certain country, if we knew that we would have added it to our site.

Which browsers do you support?

As a general rule we support the two latest versions of the major browsers.